Monday, January 4, 2016

Bash Into 2016!

Happy New Year Bashers!! I hope you enjoyed your holidays with your family and friends! One of my favorite Christmas gifts was a customized rose gold B.O.B bracelet from my god mom! Last year was amazing, and I was blessed with so many great opportunities. Such as being presented the Educated Girls Rock Award in August, speaking to my peers at school during anti-bullying week, being invited to attend the Cardinals Care Grant Ceremony with the Megan Meier Foundation, and being featured in the On The Money STL Magazine in November (linked below). I have been working on so many new and exciting ideas that Bash Out Bullying has coming for 2016. Just to name a few; I am finalizing the Basher Pledge, starting a monthly conference call, and my planner is quickly filling up with speaking engagements! Thanks for your continued support and remember you can donate $1 for a B.O.B wristband! Make sure you are following us on all social media!

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