Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Same Love

Today's blog is something I actually spoke with some students at school about today and felt the need to tell all of you! Happy reading!

The LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer) teen community is always growing, but are we growing with it? By that I mean are we opening our minds to realize everyone is different and we should be making everyone feel included. I attend a parochial school so we NEVER even bring up the discussion of the LGBTQ community. On the other hand you all know me and know that I strongly believe in everyone expressing themselves as best as they can so I joined TASH (Teen Advocates For Sexual Health). TASH is a club at Planned Parenthood that teaches high school students from all over St.Louis about understanding healthy sexuality based on teen rights and responsibilities. At TASH I meet so many people, some being in the LGBTQ teen community. It is very interesting to hear their side, the mean things other teens say or looks they give. Teens of the LGBTQ community who are bullied are more likely to turn to drugs and alcohol. After doing some research I found that 9 out 10 LGBTQ students are bullied and/or harassed. In schools kids and teens often use terms such as; fag, gay, faggot, or lesbo to name a few. These words may seem harmless, but they are hurtful to those around you who truly identify as apart of the LGBTQ community. You should always make everyone feel included no matter their race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. Everyone is different and we should learn to appreciate it rather than make fun of our differences.

Stay strong & stay positive,
Courtney Jay 💜

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A Letter To The Bashers

Hello Bashers! So today's blog will be a little different and is truly something that comes from my heart.

 I simply wanted to talk about never giving up. No matter what the obstacle is you should never let anyone or anything stop you. I was told to kill myself and I continued to stay strong and am here to tell you all this today. While being bullied I struggled and let things get me down and since then I have truly learned that just makes it harder. Right now I am looking at colleges and people will tell you you "can't" go to a certain school and that only makes me want to work harder. You have so much in this world to prove and don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

Stay strong & stay positive,
Courtney Jay 💜

(P.S. I am always available if you need to talk, vent, or even hear my stories; email me at bashoutbullying@gmail.com or you can inbox me on any of the B.O.B social media sites!)

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Spring Break Part 2

Hello Bashers!! Get ready for the second part of my spring break!

After my mom and I finished all of our college visits we decided to have some fun! If you know my mother and I personally you know we LOVE shopping! We went to so many different malls in Georgia; Cumberland Mall, Atlantic Station, and Lenox. We had the chance to see Toya Wright's store, called Garb Boutique where we met the nicest employee! We ate at an abundance of new restaurants since we have a rule  that we do not eat at any restaurant we have in St.Louis! We even had the chance to try King Of Pops which is a family owned all natural Popsicle business and they were delicious. My favorite place to eat in Atlanta is Zaxby's because we do not have one in St. Louis lol! We went to the World Of Coca Cola and tried soda from different countries!

Some of you may not know, but my best friend Jurnee lives in Atlanta. Her spring break was different from my spring break so we were not sure if we would have a chance to hang out. I then talked to her mom and arranged to pick her up from school on Friday! When I pulled up she was so excited and surprised to see me. While picking her up I saw a girl I go to camp with named Kaylah! We all went shopping at Lenox Mall and had so much fun. The next day was our day to travel home from our busy and fun week!

Thank you for reading bashers!! I have something very exciting coming up and I cannot wait to tell you about it next week! Stay tuned!

Stay Strong & Stay Positive,
Courtney Jay 💜