Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A Letter To The Bashers

Hello Bashers! So today's blog will be a little different and is truly something that comes from my heart.

 I simply wanted to talk about never giving up. No matter what the obstacle is you should never let anyone or anything stop you. I was told to kill myself and I continued to stay strong and am here to tell you all this today. While being bullied I struggled and let things get me down and since then I have truly learned that just makes it harder. Right now I am looking at colleges and people will tell you you "can't" go to a certain school and that only makes me want to work harder. You have so much in this world to prove and don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

Stay strong & stay positive,
Courtney Jay 💜

(P.S. I am always available if you need to talk, vent, or even hear my stories; email me at or you can inbox me on any of the B.O.B social media sites!)

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