Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Ready to Bash Out Bullying?

Hello there!

My name is Courtney Jay Harris and I am an 16 year old sophomore who lives in St. Louis, MO. Bash Out Bullying is not only the name of this blog, but the name of something that will become a movement! I was bullied and I plan to share my story, by bringing more awareness to bullying and inspiring others to stand up and speak out. This blog will be used to help people going through similar situations that I have experienced. I hope to connect with like-minded, positive people who share a passion for bringing more awareness about bullying and maintaining and gaining healthy friendships. I chose the color purple because it is not only my favorite color, but it symbolizes being understanding and supportive. 

I will post and share other bullying stories, news articles, and photos. I will not only be posting my stories, but your stories too! Just simply email and you could see your story here! This blog is meant for a positive and safe environment to share my thoughts and yours about bullying!

Stay strong and stay positive,
Courtney Jay

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