Thursday, January 5, 2017

Spring Into 2017

Hello Bashers! It is now 2017, a year that I have been waiting for because it has so many important events! I turn 18 in April, have my senior prom, and I graduate from high school (in 133 days), just to name a few. I am very eager for all of my new adventures and lessons this year has in store. I am also very excited to continue to expand the Bash Out Bullying brand this year! I am so grateful for all the support and am cannot wait to share new things with you all! I have an overall New Years Resolution to be determined! For me being determined means continuing to push even when there are setbacks or struggles. I am determined to end my school year with a bang and start my college life on a great note! So let's spring into 2017 with open hearts, minds and ideas!

Stay strong & stay positive,
Courtney Jay 💜


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    1. Thank you! My main goal is to help others and inspire 💜 Be sure you are following Bash Out Bullying on Facebook: Bash Out Bullying, Twitter: @bashoutbullying & Instagram: @bash_out_bullying_ 💜☺