Sunday, December 4, 2016

Blue Hearts 💙

"Blue hearts for her beautiful blue eyes," is what students at Texas City High School are saying about Brandy Vela. Brandy was 18 years old and took her own life due to bullying.

Brandy was relentlessly bullied about her weight and the bullying became worse in April. People would make up fake Facebook pages and say mean things about her. She would ignore them, but they were very persistent. Brandy even changed her phone number and went to the police who said they could not help her. The Texas Police Department could not trace back to the source of the bullying due to the bullies using an untraceable app.

She shot and killed herself in front of her family as they pleaded her not to. Bullying is serious and is taking innocent lives every single day. This is a really strong message to stop bullying and to simply be kind. We do not want anymore innocent lives to end.

Stay Strong & Stay Positive,
Courtney Jay 💙

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