Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Rest In Peace Amy Joyner

Hello Bashers! This weeks blog is something very close to my heart and I wanted to talk to you all about it. This is a serious issue and incidents like this are unfortunately are becoming more common.

I am not sure if you all have heard the story, but on April 21st, 16 year old, Amy Joyner was  to death and many stories are reporting it is over a boy. The fight broke out in the school bathroom and she was jumped by two girls. The fight was recorded by several students and put on social media. Amy was rushed to the DuPont Hospital in critical condition, but was sadly pronounced dead on the way.

This situation really hit home with me because she is my age. Everyone who knew her described her as nice and kind. The details are still very unclear and the girls were suspended from school. Someone died as a result of this fight and they were only suspended? The two girls who allegedly who beat Amy to death are being interviewed. My mom and I were devastated when we heard about this story because yes, it is bullying. Those girls did not have to do what they did to Amy, a fight never solves any problem. I hope killing her was not their intent, but this is a good example of how a quick decision can last a lifetime. Her life could have possibly been saved if a bystander would have said something, attempted to break up the fight, or immediately went to get an adult. The students who were recording this are just as guilty of playing a role in this unfortunate situation.

I keep Amy and her family in my prayers everyday. I am in the process of trying to contact her family to let them know that Bash Out Bullying stands with them in their mission to bring more awareness to bullying. I also hope this story allows other people to see the seriousness in bullying and being a bystander. I hope at least one person learns from this story to think before you act.

Stay strong & stay positive,
Courtney Jay 💜

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